About Us

Hi! My name is Susan, and I wear many hats: wife, mother of four, caregiver, former teacher/current homeschooler, seamstress, crafter, secretary, business manager, hobby farmer, author, and public speaker!

This site grew out of my efforts as a stay-at-home mom. I decided that my new job was not to need a 2nd income, and I asked the Lord to show me how! Saving on costs, finding creative solutions, and making our resources stretch has become a full-time hobby - and I pass the best of my ideas on to you via this website. Each item that I make and sell has to meet three criteria: (1) It has my own product, design, or inspiration - nothing copied or mimicked from other intellects. (2) It has to solve a problem or save money. (3) It has to be as well made for my customers as it would be for my own family.

In the fall, I travel to craft shows all over the Midwest, with my daughter as my assistant. In the winter, spring, and summer, I homeschool my four children - writing and publishing curriculum when I can't find something to meet our needs. Also in the spring and summer, I make myself available to speak at homeschool conferences - and to that end, you'll find a variety of topics I speak on listed on this website. In my spare time, I am also my husband's secretary and business manager, and help him manage our hobby farm in his spare time. If you are local to the U.P., I'll encourage you to check out his website as well: softtissuepainclinic.com. He is the best at what he does!

As you can see from the website, I have not taken the time to figure out social media - but I would welcome you to post me on yours if you like what you see! I am always available by phone and email, though - and I want you to feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Craft Show Schedule 2022-2023

The craft show industry is recovering from the Covid restrictions.  Our fall 2021 season was excellent, as many of you bought extra to make up for missing out on 2020!

This next year is in the Lord's hands!  With gas prices going up and raw materials doubling in cost - everyone is feeling the pinch.  My costs have doubled, but my prices are only slightly more than they were last year - and I still have BOGO deals for those of you wishing to buy a quantity of my products.

All of my products are designed to save you money and/or solve problems - so I am hoping that you will stop by and see how I can help your budget!
  • Drawn to Starbucks?  My Lovely Chai Latte is less than $1 per 8oz serving when you buy 3 bags - and it's also available in Decaf and Sugar-Free Splenda!
  • Aches, pains, and chills?  Want to keep the thermostat lower?  My warm bags, available in 6 sizes, are a long-lasting solution!
  • Can't find decent pot holders?  I make the best - and they last for 8 years+ before they begin to look pathetic!
We're looking forward to seeing you this fall!  In the meantime, I am sewing up a storm and have plenty of chai in stock. Online and phone orders are welcome!
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My usual schedule:

  • February - April

    • Spring craft shows are no longer profitable enough for the distances I travel.  Phone/internet orders are always welcome, though - and I work hard to keep shipping costs to a minimum!