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It all began with these “picture letters”. Picture letters put the clues right into the letter for my young reader to consult – taking away his frustration of not remembering the sounds for each letter. It also allowed his youngest brother begin learning to read much sooner and with much more success on the journey of reading! Following shortly on the heels of my picture letter idea, I began to personalize the rules of phonics into stories about the letters (particularly the vowels) – stories of how they behaved and interacted with one another. It was modeled on how our family works together – each having our own individual jobs, but being always willing to help one another do special jobs (often sacrificing our own time and energies to make the other successful). Humorous stories are much easier to remember than facts, and giving the letters personality traits makes them real characters in the minds of my children - especially my random middle son and my stubborn strong-willed daughter!

I was trained as a remedial reading teacher, but no one ever mentioned phonics in my training - what an oversight! In the process of teaching my own children, I have discovered connections and relationships between the letters that make so much sense – ones I’ve never seen anyone else explain. It turns out that our language isn’t nearly as complicated or disorganized as I’d always assumed!

If you are tired of teaching phonics as a list of dry rules to less-than-contented students, I hope this book will be a blessing to you and yours! These books work with pre-readers, struggling readers, and ESL readers of every age. There is nothing to suggest that this book is only for children, since many teens and adults are also searching for a way to teach themselves how to read. These books work very well with the Explode the Code series (phonic workbooks for early readers) and the Sequential Spelling or All About Spelling series (though I advise delaying the teaching spelling until reading is well established).

Since every student is unique, and what works with one will not work with another, I give a 30-day money-back guarantee with each subscription. Try it - and if your student isn't thriving by the 3rd week, ask for a refund. The one-year subscription is a great way to try this system out. The two-year gives you enough time to potentially work through all 3 books with your student(s). The six-year subscription is meant for families with multiple children - from those who are ready to learn now to the younger siblings who will be soon!"