Dear Conference Organizers,

My name is Susan Lovig, and I am in a unique position to add to your next homeschool conference. You see, when I speak, it is from both sides of the fence: public schooling and homeschooling. I am a classically trained public school teacher with 11 years of teaching under her belt (before our children were born). I am also a homeschool veteran of 16 years - having stayed at home to teach my own 4 children once the Lord began blessing us with offspring! While I could never be considered the ultimate expert in any field, I specialize in breaking down the mysteries of learning styles and educational theory - making it accessible, humorous, and practical for the homeschool parents. I love sharing what I've learned from teaching hundreds of public school children, as well as my own four very different children. Teaching and speaking energizes me, and my enthusiasm is contagious. Laughter is key to learning, as are good visuals and excellent handouts - and I supply all three as freely as I can! Below, you will find descriptions of each workshop along with links to each one's thorough notes. Where available, you will also find links to download audio recordings of the workshop.

Please let me know if you need any further information - or for that matter, call me up and quiz me to get a feeling for who I really am (and if I'll be putting anyone to sleep)! I look forward to being a part of your convention and a blessing to those the Lord chooses to send my way.

For references, I would send you to:
Nancy Bjorkman of Heppner's Legacy. She has been a great encouragement to me, actually being the one who spurred me into speaking at conferences in the first place!

Carol Barnier of Sizzle Bop. She has been a terrific supporter of my books, and assisted me in the early processes of finding a publisher.

Paula Sutton of Paula's Bread. She is a dear friend and a popular speaker/exhibitor at many conventions.
In the past, I have spoken at the state conventions in Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. I am willing to travel up to 21 hours in any directions to speak at future conferences.

Classes Currently Available:

New Classes in development:

A final note to the organizer: I know that sewing, bread-making, freezer cooking, and such classes aren’t strictly “homeschool” topics, but they meet the needs of busy moms! If we moms don’t have peace about the way our household is running, we are much less successful in our homeschooling. My sewing, cooking, and bread classes are always heavily attended, and I receive so many thank-you emails from moms who attended afterwards – I absolutely love teaching those subjects. Even if you haven’t included off-topic classes like these in the past, I would really encourage you to offer mom the option this year! It will bless their hearts and ease their minds – and give them a break from heavy curriculum-related thoughts.

Thank you!