Pot Holders

These pot holders (hot pads, as some call them) are made from two layers of thick toweling,
and bound with 100% cotton quilter’s fabric

• Their edges are triple-seamed for durability.
• As per my husband’s request, they are “man-sized”.
• They wash beautifully, since there is no batting or inner lining to shrink at a different rate or twist up in the wash.
• They are thin enough to give you a good grip, but thick enough that I can hold a 350 degree cookie pan for 30 seconds (while I try to figure out where I’m going to set it down!).
When you order 1 pair, you’ll get two matched potholders. As with all of my sewn products, I guarantee that these will last as long as you think they should. You’ll want fresh colors long before your pot holders show wear!
For size reference, each pair of potholders is shown on an 8 ½ x 11” sheet of printer paper. As you’ll see, there is a lovely homemade variance in sizes from one print to another – as I make each set of pot holders as large as the towel allows!

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Pot Holder

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