Pot Holders

These potholders are just like the ones Mom used to have when I was growing up. It became necessary to re-invent them after one too many husband frustrations with the pathetic little store potholders and the one slipper silicon potholder incident!!

  • Each is made from 2 thick layers of new towel.
  • As my husband requested, these are MAN-SIZED.
  • There is no batting or insulation added, as it would make them stiff and unweildy.
  • Since there is no inner insulation to shrink or skew in the wash, these potholders wash as beautifully as any of your towels will!
  • They are triple sewn around the edges, with my own quilt-fabric binding to add beauty and durability.
  • I can hold a 350 degree cookie pan for 30 seconds with these before I NEED to set it down.
  • If I double the potholders over for a good grip on a pasta pot, I never feel the heat come through as I drain the water from my pasta.
  • My own potholders are about 7 years old now, used constantly and washed often.  They are starting to fray a little around the binding, and they have faded a bit – but they are still so much better than anything I could find in the store.

Since I am making these from new towels, 2/3 of each batch will have the towel’s edge stripe on the backside of the potholders.  I only select towels that have dense weave, so those edge stripes are actually a bit more heat resistant than the actual towel.  It is your choice if you want potholders with or without the stripe on the back.

My selection of potholders grows from February until September, and dwindles throughout the craft season.  At the peak of the season, I’ll have about 100 different colors for you to choose from!  The inventory is too flexible to keep updated online (if I am to have enough time to sew them all), so just call/email with your preferences – I can always send you photos of the stock available to choose from.  The photos shown on the website are from last year’s inventory – just to give you a notion of my range!

For size reference, each pair of potholders is shown on an 8 ½ x 11” sheet of printer paper. As you’ll see, there is a lovely homemade variance in sizes from one print to another – as I make each set of pot holders as large as the towel allows!