Warm Bags

Named by my toddlers, “Warm Bags” are rice-filled packs designed to be heated in the microwave (or frozen) and then wrapped around what ails you. Available in 6 sizes and usually more than 100 prints, each bag is topped with industrial-strength Velcro – allowing you to empty and wash bags that have gotten dirty or smelly, or simply to top off the rice as the bag gets limp. After about 100 heatings, when the bag just doesn’t get as warm as it used to, change your tired old rice for new rice. It’ll be like having a whole new bag!

You can choose if you want your warm bags mailed empty (cheaper) or pre-filled (more convenient).

If you are ordering 2+ bags, consider giving me a call…  For every 2 bags that you order over the phone, you can request a 3rd bag for only $5 (do that as many times as you wish)!  See individual bag listings for details.

As with all of my sewn products, I guarantee that these will last as long as you think they should.