Wide Warm Bags




Made to fit the abdomen (or a small pet bed) this bag measures 17” x 13”. Heat for 2-3 minutes for 30 minutes of therapy.

I always have many different colors in stock, but haven’t figured out how to update the website with photos. Just call/email with your preferences – I can always send you photos of the stock available to choose from.

Note:  Our costs have doubled, but our prices will not.  This item was $28, and is now $30.  Plus, if you call in your order, you may ask for the show special:  Buy two warm bags, get a 3rd bag for only $5 (if a variety of sizes are purchased, then the smallest bag is $5).

Shipping is free if the bags are sent empty (you fill them with cheap rice – it takes around 2 pounds to fill this bag).

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Wolves, Red Plaid Snow, Green Marble, Forest Green, Lime Green, Blue Ink, Purple, Lilac, Pink, Brown, Grey Marble, Cupcakes, Horses


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