Half Size Warm Bags – Fill It Yourself




You guessed it – these are half the length of the original bag. Measuring 7.5 x 15”, these are popular for single-shoulder, single-hand, or child use. Heat for 1.5-2 minutes for 30 minutes of therapy.

I always have many different colors in stock – as well as stacks of fabrics that can be used to make new ones!  There is just too much variety to keep the website updated with colors.  Just call/email with your preferences – I can always send you photos of the stock available to choose from.

Note:  Our costs have doubled, but our prices will not.  If you call in your order, you may ask for the show special:  Buy two warm bags, get a 3rd bag for only $5!  Here are the two catches:

  1. If a variety of sizes are purchased, then the smallest bag is $5.
  2. If you want your 3rd bag mailed pre-filled, the extra postage cost will need to be added to the $5 special price.  That’s $0 for Eye Bags, $6 for Quarter bags, $12 for Extra-Large Bags, for $8 for all other bags.  If actual postage comes out to be less of an increase than expected, I will refund the difference.

Shipping is free if you order $80+ in products (feel free to mix and match).

This bag is mailed empty to save you postage costs.  Simply pull open the velcro top and fill with about 1 pound of rice when you receive it (fill it until it is as full as you like).

If you want to pay an extra $8 to have it mailed full – look for the “Pre-filled” option below.

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