Quarter Size Warm Bags

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Yes, I am a math teacher. These bags are indeed 1/4 as long as the original warm bag. This little 7.5 inch square bag is perfect for migraines (hot or cold), ear aches, boo-boos, and little aching tummies. As always, if you are using it with a child who is too young to pull it off themselves, be hyper-careful not to overheat or burn them. Heat for 60-90 seconds for 20 minutes of therapy.
Please note that the color varieties shown are just the ones already sewn – there are so many more possibilities! If you are looking for something different, just call/email!

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Black, Green Marble, Loons, Deer, Pink Marble, Poppies, Camping, Horses, Pink/Orange Flowers, Rainbow, Blue/Green Paisley, Butterflies, Wolves, Pink Camo, Pastel Stars, Farming, Snowmen


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