Pot Holder

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Plain, Stripped Back


River Stone on Chocolate, Wine Spots on Chocolate, Blue Geometric on Chocolate, Forest on Dusky Green, Leaf Impressions on Dusky Green, Blue Tone Leaves on Dusky Green, Cherries on Black, Green Leaves on Black, Lilacs on Black, Fall Leaves on Orange, Cute Critters on Pale Tan, Cute Critters on Pale Tan, Tan Marbling on Cream, Grey Granite on Light Tan, Soft Foliage on Tan, Granite on Tan, White Birch on Grey, Tonal Leaves on Purple Grey, 4-Leaf Clovers on Tan, Colorful Lattes on Creamy Yellow, Green Border on Tan, White Marble on Blue, Blueberries on Royal Blue, Firecrackers on Dark Blue, Navy Waters on Navy Toweling, Blue Woodcuts on Blue, Blue/Lilac Geometrics on Lilac, Black Tiles on Lilac, Watercolors on Lilac, Purple Marbling on Purple, Flowers on Dusky Purple, Flowers on Dusky Purple, Aqua Waters on Aqua, Retro Flowers on Aqua, Retro Bead on Aqua, Orange Chaos on Royal Aqua, Flowers on Pale Aqua, Black Wood Cuts on Pale Aqua, Pastel Aqua


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