Picture Words – Physical Copy of Book 2




This book is basically just a continuation of the first book – they were too thick to be published as a single volume (back when I was making physical copies). In the opening, there is a review of the concepts taught in the first book – but it is a dry list, lacking in the humor and story department contained in the earlier volume.


In times past, we had a proper printed and bound copy of Picture Words to offer – but printing costs have quadrupled!  Getting a proper copy printed now would cost $85+, which is just ridiculous.  So, here’s my next-best option for those of you who don’t want to work with a digital download:

I can print the book on my own printer – though it won’t be waterproof printing.  Then, each pair of pages will be inserted into heavy-weight, non-glare sheet protectors with 3-ring binder edges.  I’ll mail the pages, enclosed in their protection, and you will supply the 3-ring binder.

This actually makes my books tougher than the original ones we had printed – AND – you can write on the pages with overhead pens or dry erase markers, wipe them clean, and do it again!  Of course, if you or someone you know has a bit of tech-savvy, you can print the download and do this same thing yourself!

If I print, encase, and mail the book to you, it costs me $10 in time, $15 in printing, $25 in sheet protectors, and $12 in postage.  That makes it a bit more expensive than the digital version, but still so much better than what the print shops are quoting me!


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